Monday, June 14, 2010

Storage Place Out to Get Me!

This morning Thomas & I went to rent a storage unit at a company that shall remain nameless in Pomona.  The office opens at 9:00AM and Thomas needs to be at work at 10:00AM.  We get there around 9:03AM, do you think anyone is there to open the office?  Of course not!  That would make things too easy.  The woman finally shows up around 9:15AM, and then tells us, "you're going to have to wait a couple minutes while my computer boots up." To which I reply, "Well if you had been here on time we wouldn't have to wait now would we?"  Okay okay, I didn't really say that, but I really wanted to!  No we just sat there like suckers and waited.  What else could we do?
That wouldn't have been so bad if that was all that was wrong.  She then proceeds to take a personal phone call during which time I find out that she has just gotten back from vacation, graduated from some TV college, and that she thinks that 9:30AM is too early in the morning to have normal conversation.  Needless to say this is WAY more than I ever wanted to know about this person.  All I wanted to do was get our storage unit and get the heck out of there!

So she finally starts to give us paperwork to fill out (about 20 minutes after she opened the doors) and tells us it only takes five minutes to complete.  Well, she was right that it only takes five minutes to complete, but she neglected to tell us that it would take her another 10 minutes to put the information in the computer and print all our copies.  This woman moved as slow as molasses! 

Anyway, we ended up getting out of there around 9:50AM according to the clock on their wall (the actual time was 9:55AM).  Thomas went to work and I went on with the rest of my day.  I went to Laura's house, took the boys to the park to take some pictures, went to the post office, and then BACK TO THE FLIPPING STORAGE PLACE!

I had to go back by myself to put some boxes in there because she took so long signing us up and Thomas had to go to work.  I go to our space and try to open the door.  I go the the latch on the side and attempt to slide it over, it doesn't budge.  'You have got to be freaking kidding me!'  After 5 minutes of trying I finally get the latch to slide.  I try to pull up the door, no luck.  I squat down, and heave with all my might and it opens about halfway and then SLAMS back down almost crushing my feet.  After a couple seconds of rest I try again, this time anticipating the door slamming back down and possibly crushing me.  I get it open and start unloading boxes.  The boxes are all stacked neatly in the corner of our storage space and I go to leave.  I pull the door down, 'SLAM', and go to slide the latch back to the locked position.  About halfway it stops.  I slide it back and forth trying to wiggle it back into the groove.  No luck.  I pull the door up a bit and try again. Nothing.  I try everything I can think of to get this door to latch and nothing is working.  ...Side note, there was just an earthquake so I got a little distracted... Where was I, oh yeah, latch won't shut.  So I heave the door open again, get all of the boxes I so neatly stacked in the corner and throw them in the back of my car, slam the door shut and drive away very frustrated.

Long story short, this storage place is out to get me!


  1. I love how you tell a story :)

  2. oh and screw that chick who "helped us". She made me late to work that biznatch!